Treatments for face

Basic treatment for hydration (40 min.)


Treatment with micronized algae for hydration (50 min.)


Intense hydration treatment with hydra mask (60 min.)

One of the most wanted treatments for all seasons which makes the skin smooth, nurtured and deeply hydrated.


Treatment for oily skin with micronized algae (50 min.)

With this treatment а deep mineralization of the skin is performed, leaving the face clean, calm and enriched with all the nutritional minerals and vitamins.


Treatment for mature skin with micronized algae (50 min.)

Cleanse your face from the inside, remineralise it, get a new freshness and redefine its contours. This is a treatment with a perfect smoothing effect which will boost your femininity and power of seduction.


Biological lifting with natural cellulose – botox treatment (70 min.)

For all women over 40 who care about their femininity, beauty and charm. This is a treatment that works against all signs of aging, saggy skin, wrinkles and lack of shine and hydration. After just one session the skin is filled up, firm and smooth, the facial features are redefined and the complexion is brightened. The face gets its youthful life energy and the clients their confidence.


Treatment against aging with golden petals - Gold 24Ka (60 min.)

Gold 24Ka



Treatment for men (60 min.)

It is a facial treatment with active ingredients from blue algae that achieves superior efficiency of intense hydration and regeneration. This is an innovative care for all modern men, which will make every man exposed to everyday stress to feel vital, fresh and thereby desirable.


Basic organic treatment – Earth and sea (Terre & Mer) (60 min.)

Gold 24Ka



Organic treatment with pouches for normal and combined skin (Terre & Mer) (60 min.)

terre-mer 3



Organic treatment with pounces for oily and mature skin (Terre & Mer) (60 min.)

terre-mer 4A wonderful treatment in which the key elements are earth and sea. This is a perfect combination of Mediterranean algae, nutritious resources from the earth and a unique lymphatic facial drainage, which leaves the skin hydrated and soft with exceptional glow and satin complexion.