Body treatments

Traditional Macedonian massage (60 min.)

It is a deep and strong massage with elements of manual therapy. It activates your muscle energy and the skeletal system, relieves stress and pain in problem areas, neck, shoulders and back.


Relaxing full-body massage (60 min.)


Partial massage (30 min.)


Swеdish massage (60 min.)

A combination of relaxing massage  and stretching which relaxes all your senses. It is recommended after hard work.


Aromatherapy massage for relaxation (60 min.)


Aromatherapy massage for detoxification and reducing swelling (60 min.)


Anti-cellulite massage (30 min.)


Royal massage – 4 hands massage (60 min.)


Golden massage SIRIUS (60 min.)


Manual lymphatic drainage (90 min.)


Massage with hot chocolate and honey (50 min.)

Luxury skin treatment that awakens all your senses. While the chocolate massage oil with cocoa butter and almond oil hydrates the skin, the wave movement of your masseuse allows you to feel like you are on seventh heaven.


Massage with hot volcanic stones (60 min.)

Unique massage that awakens all the chakras of the body. The hot volcanic stones with large geothermal temperature have a positive effect on your muscles and nervous system, increasing your vital energy.